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Photo/review SHE- MOON rehearsal. Performed 9/24 @THE MUSE, burlesque, aerialists, performance celebration of woman as goddess,

Advance review
A Show About Butts
Artists in Residence at The Muse Brooklyn
September 24th 7:00pm

Many women struggle with being authentic. How they are perceived, defined and expected to act can conflict with their real desire and experience. She-Moon celebrates female essences-- what’s hidden, taboo, ecstatic and ridiculous. And what cannot be ignored, your butt. In Matthew Phillips’ gymnastic piece, which may be the evening’s most outrageous, it’s the focus that lets him soar lyrical and crash to Earth. In Victoria Myrthil’s Goddess of Light, it seems a fun rhythmic part of a celestial plan.
At the dress rehearsal I saw, all were extraordinary in ways you could not anticipate. The aerialists were fascinating. Torrie Rose (Moon) was impossibly fluid in lovely movements that seemed to follow her own inclination. Ariel Iasevoli was charismatic as The Dark Side of the Moon. She brought an intensity to her chain dance that both riveted attention and kept you at a distance.
Emma Miller’s Clown Goddess went for obvious and satirical pokes at how we look at butts and their plasticity on our bodies, not to mention the sounds they make. Then there’s Sara Minisquero’s Goddess of Self Love, who evokes a kind of everywoman’s reactions to both stuffing a butt too big in clothes and the reverse. She takes it all off, in a well fought liberation of her female form.

SHE-MOON owes a lot to the musicians. Carissa Matsushima, Music Director, MAUDE GUN – Molly Murphy, Jenni Messner, April Centrone and Andrew Lasky. There is also a passionate song by Maddy Campbell, director of SHE-MOON (Blood Moon Goddess), who brings this inspired performance together.
The National Theatre of MatMadia presents:
a show about butts
Artists in Residence at The Muse Brooklyn
September 24th at 7pm
Tickets: $20 at door/$15 presale
The Muse Brooklyn, 350 Moffat Street, Brooklyn
The National Theatre of MatMadia is proud to present SHE MOON: A Show About Butts at The Muse Brooklyn. SHE MOON, an ensemble creation, is directed by Maddy Campbell.

SHE MOON offers all forward-thinkers to look behind – well- at the behind! This lively performance-art piece celebrates the Femme – and Feminine – Dariaire. If you are female or identify as(s) one.

SHE MOON incorporates aerial, dance, storytelling, music and magic, and rocks out with the punk band, MAUDE GUN with Carissa Matsushima. The cheeky ensemble company shares their parable and stories with the audience and to the Moon … because she always listens.
Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with a Moon Market and Goddess Party at the newly renovated Muse outdoor space. In the hour-long crack-of-time prior to the performance, aerialists entertain and free champagne flows. The Moon Market is full of artists and artisans including baked goods, spiritual services, tarot readings, art and much more. Moon Goddesses will be waiting to bless you with bubbly to the music by Carissa Matsushima. Discounts at the door for those dressed as Moon Goddesses. SheMoon supports local LGBTQ- and People-of-Color-owned businesses.
Bottomline: Using the parable of A Woman’s Ass, we will to celebrate women’s bodies through stories of oppression, repression, joy and sorrow.
MADDY CAMPBELL (Director, Butt Nymph, Goddess of The Blood Moon) is a classically trained, experimental actor, singer, playwright based in NYC. Recent credits includes starring in a show she wrote at The New York Fringe Festival, The Coward and The Induction of Lady M(Greenpoint Gallery)..
MATTHEW PHILLIPS (Butt Nymph, Butt Plug Goddess) is a director/ interdisciplinary performer based in Brooklyn. Recent credits include The Coward at Fringe NYC and Facets, an interactive Lecoq gallery show directed by Sophie Ameiva. His drag persona Laurel Fixation performs regularly at the House of Yes, Bizarre Bushwick, and the Brooklyn Muse.
SARA MINISQUERO (Butt Nymph, Goddess of Self Love)is a Burlesque Perfomerer known as Bona Sara. She is also an actress, stage manager, dramaturg and producer. Credits include Step 1 Theatre Project, Bizarre Bushwick (Stage Management), and White Rabbit Productions.
VICTORIA MYRTHIL (Butt Nymph, Goddess of Light)is a native Brooklyn artist. As an actor her talents vacillate between stage and screen working on various genres ranging from comedy to comedia and drama to experimental.  Victoria has toured internationally with Trey Anthony Studios in the stage production of Da’ Kink in My Hair and can be seen in various on screen projects.
EMMA MILLER (Butt Nymph, Goddess of Shit) is a New York based actor experienced in new and devised work. Recent credits include creator and clown in CT Feels Funny at Lady Fest at The Tank (2017), Violet Hunter in Red Monkey Theater Group's Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Copper Beeches at Lyndhurst Mansion, Vera Claythorne in And Then There Were None, and co-creator and actor in original sketch comedy show Singin’ and Talkin’ with Christopher Walken.
ARIEL IASEVOLI (The Dark Side of the Moon) is an aerialist, creative visionary, and movement specialist.  The native New Yorker has performed and practiced Pole since 2007.
TORRIE ROSE (The Moon) Is an aerialist and fire spinner. Torrie fuses technique with artistry to create a well rounded performance. Specializing in lyra, her flexibility and flow meld seamlessly. Based in New York, Torrie trains primarily at the Muse Brooklyn. Her performances range from cabaret style to nightlife events to burlesque. Torrie traveled with King Cole Circus during the summer of 2016 as an Aerial Showgirl. She excels at creature portrayal, fully embodying any character she is given.  In more traditional roles, Torrie demonstrates beautiful lines, as well as excellent flexibility and a captivating presence.   
CARISSA MATSUSHIMA (Music Director) is a multi- passionate performing artist who just released a single with her band Carissa & The Voodoo Lilies, available on Spotify, iTunes etc. When she's not performing with the band, she is a manager at Daya Yoga Studio, dances with Leah Moriarty in her company Beat Piece, and co-hosts a jam session called The Healing. Other NYC based companies she has worked with are David Gordon's Pick Up Company, Ni'Ja Whitson's The NWA Project, The Dance Cartel, Built4Collapse, and The Nettles. She has performed music at Rockwood Music Hall, Caffe Vivaldi, Maxwell's Tavern, Roulette, and The Way Station.
KATE SONELL (Developer, Assistant Director) is a queer NYC based theatre artist. Kate’s work ranges from ASM with PUFFS at New World Stages to Props Master at National Theatre of Matmadia’s The Coward: A Madcap Fairytale at the 2016 NYC  Fringe Festival to Developer and Performer in Free the Arts Festival, currently in it’s inaugural year.
MAUDE GUN (Band) two chicks in brooklyn who love ornate storytelling mash together acoustic folk and post-punk to bring you irreverent song-cycles like CLAUDIA, THE WORD. the harmonies are electrifying, the word-play is gratuitous; the characters are wry and the sound-paintings are effing mythical. the chicks, molly (aka DIESEL) and jenni (aka ANGELFACE), cut through some heavy Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism by crafting detailed imagined worlds.  
THE NATIONAL THEATRE OF MATMADIA The National Theatre of MatMadia, co-founded by Maddy Campbell and Matt Phillips, is a collective of Brooklyn based artists focused on putting fun, absurd and monstrous ideas on stage. With a base in clowning and bouffan combined with classically trained actors, we delve head first into extreme physical acting, fire performance and drag. Our stories use 'the mystique' to explore themes about mental illness, ‘fucking with gender’ and the psychedelic. Known to ‘not pull any punches’ our work is violent, messy and monstrous.
Image by: Stevie Rayder
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