Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Climate truth hard to find. Affects you. Real energy jobs, survival of your kids. Read & consider denier Scott Pruitt.

LOOK at China's Cities, our future with Climate Denier Scott Pruitt. Call your Senators, if you understand what denial means to you now, and the future of our Earth--survival of your kids and grand kids..

If you only care about today and making money, understand permanent jobs in alternative energy are good paying and last a lifetime. Fossil fuels damn the planet, your health and won't last. 

Do you think Fossil Fuel Billionaires in their 70s and 80's want new industry or retraining? Will
your water and air be a consideration? They don't even want you to read the above report.

Senators on natural resources and energy committee will question and vote on the climate denier Scott Pruitt to head EPA.
Urge them to include science facts in their questioning and to get on the record about the dangers of climate change. 
(Reported that grants for scientific research through the EPA have already been frozen.)


Wednesday, January 11, 2017



White women and women of color, old and young, are marching in Washington, D.C. and other cities.There are also men marching in support of the same objectives. Why are they marching? Women have the right to vote, they can work and retain their wages, own property, and inherit..'What more do they want ?' A traditional conservative might ask. I suggest journalists ask the question. Here are some quotes.

One says she is marching to "show the Trump administration, they have no mandate to take actions that are not what the majority want. Another says, "I am marching to ensure that issues important to women are given voice: pro choice and maintaining Roe v. Wade, better education, climate change legislation..."

"The march allows people to stand together in solidarity to support and protect the rights, safety, respect and equality of all people. ."

"All women deserve access to health care."

"Media who want to see  the March as divisive are taking the easy road. The March is a stand for the expansion of women's and other minority rights (not a diminuation) and for us all to be treated as equals financially, socially and physically. Trump's team seems to want to roll that back (viewing it-like many men-as freedoms "bestowed" on women or others BY white men)-it's wrong thinking all around."