Thursday, June 15, 2017

NEW Vimeo @Corneliastcafe NYC, Dystopia + Utopia, 2250 The Selling of Paradise Gardens & Mermaids at The Coney Island Parade in Tales of the Mer Family Onyx

Vimeo Note, these readings are from New Editions of Paradise Gardens & Tales of the Mer Family Onyx. These books aren't reprints. I rewrote and illustrated to make them better.
So, if you choose to
 purchase, get the good ones. On Kindle it's the same price but there's no comparison. Thanks .

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Author of THE ANARCHIST'S GIRLFRIEND reads from corporate business dystopia,
PARADISE GARDENS set in 2250 and 3011. Actress Sara Minisquero will read from TALES OF THE MER FAMILY ONYX

The definitive edition of thiis book has evolved for more than a decade. It began with a child's intense fascination with mermaids; beautiful creatures, between earth and sea. Many countries have Mer stories. After these, my son wanted his own. Entering a child's fantasy--under his direction-- and making it a shared world is a kind of tradition. Supposedly, Alice's request for stories led to Carroll's Wonderland, E.Nesbit dedicated her Five children and It to her son. Like those stories, Mer Family has also been appreciated by adults. Imagine being married to The King of the Seas? There's the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, through a mermaid's eyes, and the serious work containing mankind's mess. I consider it a compliment that a Coney Island gaff artist sold a Fiji Mermaid of my character Pinky Onyx, of the race of mini-mermaids. So this is a book really for children of all ages. And do come to Cornelia St. Cafe 7/9 and hear a reading of the Parade story. Should be fun.

New review of PARADISE GARDENS New Edition
Fiction Bookshelf
Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: Something that could easily have been ripped from today's newspaper headlines in this our second Golden Age of Robber Barron capitalism as evidence by President Donald Trump turning his administration over to corporate executives and millionaires, and appointing to be heads of various governmental agencies men and women hostile to them in line with Steve Bannon's aspiration to 'deconstruct' the government."Paradise Gardens" by Susan I. Weinstein is a truly Orwellian novel of speculative fiction that is set in an all too believable near future world, where the Federal government has dissolved amid ecological breakdown.

"Paradise Gardens" becomes the home of the United Business Estates (U.B.E). Capitalism has devolved into the corporate feudalism of the U.B.E., where employees are conceived as Superior or Average to fit the needs of business. It is a vision at once strange and familiar. The recognition it brings is a dark pleasure.

Critique: Part of the attraction of "Paradise Gardens" is that it is all too believable given the political climate today where corporate money clearly dominates all three branches of the federal government (even to the point of running well funded television commercials promoting the appointment of a member of the United States Supreme Court), and the top 1% of the population control 80% of the country's wealth. Deftly written, "Paradise Gardens" follows in literary tradition of dystopian novels and his very highly recommended for both community and academic library Literary Fiction collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that "Paradise Gardens" is also available in a Kindle format ($9.95).

The Book Guys have announced a radio serial of PARADISE GARDENS. Stay tuned.  Below interview with Susan I. Weinstein about Dystopia and Utopias