Thursday, February 28, 2013

Robin Hathaway, original mystery writer of the Doctor Series, passes

Robin Hathaway was an original mystery writer. Her Doctor series was wryly funny and the Philly setting was used in very creative ways. Who knew in back of Jefferson Hospital there was an Indian burial ground?  Or that an herb garden in a hospital could have a nefarious purpose?  She was discovered in a St. Martin's contest, in her 60's, and had begun writing a decade before. Robin showed age is  irrelevant to writers and went on to develop another series. Here is a link to her obit.

On a personal note, Robin was an inspiration to me. Through knowing her, I went on to finish writing I had lost confidence in,  respected my art work and became a better parent. Her message to me was have faith in yourself and move on.  I believe we are all in the process of becoming who we are. As people and our work, life seems to be about process. Success or failure seem moments in time.. And if there's another life, perhaps I will know her again.