Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tales of the Mer Family Onyx

confession goes with this post. Tales of the Mer Family Onyx is my book. It's got some great reviews on Amazon. And people who have read it like it, though it's a far cry from E. Nesbitt (my ideal) the Brit author who inspired Lewis' Narnia series and Frank Baum's Oz books. While this book is certainly not in that class. It is, readers say, fun.

These are stories I told my son for years, as he was infatuated with his own private mermaid cult.
I reconstructed them from years of car trips to the ocean. It's got his drawing on the cover and it's fun to have this book, now that he's in the nasty tween years, quickly becoming a teen.
Mermaids have been replaced by shrunken heads in his fantasy world, a darker land. But for a while
the Onyx family of mermaids was our place, parents Glendora and Neptune, two sets of twins, the boy and girl tweens Rainbow and Bowrain, mer twins Emerald and Saphire, Baby Ruby and Pink of the race of mini-mermaids. Reviews on Amazon describe it better than I can. One person called it a new classic. I'd like that...

And am I doing this to sell books? Well since I get about 2.00 for every 10 on Amazon, probably not, but I would like this book to get read and enjoyed by children from 8 to 11, adults of a certain age, and read to 5 and 6 year olds. It is an "all in the family" mermaid book. And of course any agents or publishers that would like this serious--send me an e-mail! Thanks. Susan W