Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My KoBo Affair-Confession of a retro-ereader
2011, I buy my son a state of the art Kindle hoping he will read more, little dreaming he will soon hack it, opening it for other functions forbidden in school. I buy a KoBo at a Borders going out of business in a Philly suburb. I like that it comes with classics, that I can buy books for half price. I take it in a train, a bus, find it cute and convenient. 
I like not using the WiFi that it’s got a squishy 4-way button and sleeps so easily. Don’t like that I can’t really share, that I have to get Adobe editions to download any book not KoBo but I stick with it. I don’t care that it’s an orphan without Borders, until it’s adopted by a new owner.
Yeah, Kobo, I think, enjoying the outsider status of a non-nook, non-kindle Kobo that sounds like a kind of unrecognizable Panda. Then I find the unthinkable occurs, I am annoyed at not being able to flip ahead, at long recharging sessions, and a new yearning for the smell and feel of paper. 
Yet I won’t give up my Kobo pleasure, it’s reserved for Book Group novels and I am heartened to see an influx of investment has lead to new KoBo desktop, new products, more payment options! The underreader is really charging!
Then came the day I tried to download a novel and the synch only gave me a cover and a chapter. Fierce on this sad event was notice of a new crucial download to KoBo desk top. I thought, yes this will fix it!
But alas no matter how I tried to synch, my Kobo was stuck. I tried two more book group novels and could only read uncomfortably on my desktop. Each time I thought this time it will synch and it did not. 
I sought help from Kobo and reset to factory standards, transferred all my content—and it remained locked! I repeated the process.   I treated it as a DVM problem, went through that procedure, to no avail. 
Kobo help offered me multiple step solutions that were useless. Then I asked for the consumer boon of a loyal customer—can you fix this or replace it?  Hearkening to ancient times where a customer was a person with feelings and loyalty to be encouraged.
But rather than make a happy lifelong customer, they jilted me. 2011 was off warranty. My husband laughed, get an IPod. I don’t like the white light, high price, or Apple cache. Maybe I’ll get a Nook, with B& N on the ropes,perhaps it’s the next Under-reader.